ASTRL token

$ASTRL is the official governance and yield bearing token of the Astrolescent project.

Radix Babylon resource address


Please note: to use the latest features of the Radix Babylon network, the original Olympia ASTRL token is undergoing a migration program. Go to https://astrolescent to quickly and for free upgrade your (old) $astrl tokens to the new $ASTRL tokens.

The Olympia token can be recognized by the lowercase $astrl symbol and its resource address below.

Radix Olympia resource address




The ASTRL token can be staked to receive 33% of AstrolescentDAO's fees after direct operating costs by operating the different Astrolescent products, like the aggregator, the private pool, and the validator node. Operator costs include hosting costs but do not include any distributed to the team or used for marketing and business development as described in the tokenomics above.

The expected APY based on a 33% fee share and 3 million staked ASTRL is 10% to 15% yearly.

At the start of each quarter, an overview of all the earned fees and the direct operating cost of the previous quarter will be published. The 33% share for the stakers will be converted to ASTRL via the Astrolescent aggregator (bought on the market) and distributed linearly over the 12 weeks of the new quarter at a random day and time each week to prevent gaming of the staking system. This should ensure tokens stay staked over a longer period of time.

The distribution of the fees will start on January 1st, 2024, with the distribution of the fees earned in Q4 2023.

To stimulate ASTRL staking in December 2023, a couple of unannounced airdrops will be made, similar to the fee airdrops starting in 2024.


ASTRL and sASTRL can both be used to vote on governance votes by the AstrolescentDAO.


ASTRL has a total of 36 million tokens, after burning 64 million tokens in early 2023.


Community incentives and airdrops


27 million

Vested team rewards


7 million

Marketing and business development


2 million


Airdrops Up to 50,000 ASTRL will be airdropped each month to stimulate the usage of the Astrolescent products. At the same time it is good for the project to keep the circulating supply low, so a balance is sought after.

Team Up to 50,000 ASTRL will be ditributed among the team members of the Astrolescent project each month. In a monthly meeting the team members discuss what they have done for the project and if they have earned their token allotment.

Locking tokens via Radlock is under consideration if the community feels that to be a safer path.

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